Friday, June 11, 2010

new header

im so addicted to Mr Paint until I decided to make a new header. Plus, my friends said that I can do better. gugugugugu *this is the sad or crying sound. wierd~ LOL! i guess im so untalented person. am i? 

The old one
bye bye..

The new one

so how? what do you think? better? or worse? 
huuuuu~ leave your comment and hey!! its almost 5 am..people!
go sleep laa... zZZZZ


areleaf said...

yang satu 2 simple..

yang no 2 tu plak macam cool..

ok,gua vote lu letak dua header skali..amecam?

cronixsoul said...

i think the second one is better... but.. both are cool!

PeiPei said...

-adeii...xkan dua2 skali hentam? mati la adoii


Kyosingcat said...

What kyo think? Its getting better n better every time~ :) good job

PeiPei said...

ohh kyo~
u r so sweet
always support me la
lap u la sampai bersih! hehe

khalidahmacambaguss~O_o said...

i see....u r really love drawing, huh...but its me...hahaha...n funny

u make me smile in the morning la bebeh...come visit my blog too...;p

Amni said...

Naa... comel seyh blog ni...=)

PeiPei said...

-thanks! ok im comingg! just wait a.. =)

-hehe thanks. i just made it yesterday. or.. should i say i just make it? make or made? lol! so broken eh? =)

alinac lover said...




Nisa said...

follow my blog tenkiu ^_^

AmirFX said...

Nice... Prefer dua2 sekali... hehe..

Anonymous said...

ohmai. u use paint?

dem i need steadier hands. i dun understand photoshop, so i use paint as well. but of course, i suck at it.

yours is nice.

Amri Bahruji matPuisi said...

pei..pei.. thnks.. dear.. ;)

i follow u tau.. :)

budak.pendek.pmr said...

sukeyg frst tu sbb dye BESAR punye :)
>_________<,nyway, yg scond tu cun bhai!

PeiPei said...

alinac lover
-hehe...above? ohh..but i still think both of them err...ugly. hoho

make u one? header? im shy2 la...not pro..just newbie.. huhu

-errr.... =)

-both of them? aiyakkk...cannot la
-yup. i use paint.. =)

-hoho thanks my dear amri~ gugugu

budak pendek
-ohh..thank budak! =)

aLy said...

oh... sweet header tu

PeiPei said...

sure? baahaha i guess i got too high expectation (how to spell this word? damn!) of myself. still not happy with the header. gugugu btw thanks! =)

Adeqq said...

owhhh!! sweet sangat ur header.
u guna paint? COMELLLLLLLLL!!!

PeiPei said...

yup. thanks adeqq =)

Vanilla Popsicle said...

hihi kiutttt...... said...

soooooooooo cool!!!

PeiPei said...

vanilla & shashya
- omg! kembang sudah~ :p

miya_hana said...

header itu sangat santek n semart.
i like. huhuhuhu

dinda.teJa said...

owesome! u r born to be talented! i like both!!! good luck pei pei ku sayang... :)

btw, dinda has tag ur blog, read this

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