Thursday, June 10, 2010

are you beautiful?

Not far away from Mr Anonymous`s place...

*I dunno what`s wrong with my english! so broken eh??

(did u notice my mistake? OMG! sorry... )


Ajwin Ajeera said...

cutenya blog ni!
haha n i love paint as well.
n no worries,
photoshop do hates me too.Lol.

PeiPei said...

thanks ajwin!

u r so cute! (>.<)

Pouleen said...

your layout looks wrong on IE browser.. looks fine on Google Chrome

nasikputeh said...

'hands free' painting..
looks more sincere, right..

like it..

PeiPei said...

-thanks! im glad u like it! thanks to Mr Paint =)

-oh sorry..

pouleen said...

try editing the html, this website gives u screen shots to see if ur page looks right on all browser, firefox,chrome,IE etc..

try it!

supporting local comic artists!

PeiPei said...

ohh thanks Pouleen! =)

AmirFX said...

Just dropping by... Nway, nice blog u got here... Thanks for dropping by at my blog...

PeiPei said...

thanks amir! =)

Kyosingcat said...

Ur story got message in it...n u told it in a beautiful way. Kyo like it very much. U know, somehow it reminds me of my childhood n how i likes to read small and colourful fairytale stories book. Keep it up peipei :)

areleaf said...

1st blog lu macam cool..gua suka..

2nd,try tambah header..mesti lagi cool..

3rd,lu try resize pic katun lu bagi kecik so blog lu senang load..

4th,ok dah habes..


PeiPei said...

-thanks dear! =)

-1st,glad u like it!
2nd, err....i draw my header using paint. y? cannot see a?
3rd,oh..thanks for the tips
4th, pheuww~ lega.. =)

Anonymous said...

so cute
i love it as much as i love the artwork of kids at kindergarten ^__^
i oso luv their writings too..ehehe

PeiPei said...

-haha glad u like my 'artwork'

alinac lover said...

hehehe~ cumil sgt~

do again and again~

make me happy to see all dis~

PeiPei said...

thanks beautiful sister! =)

aLy said...

kawaii ne~
i like!

PeiPei said...

hehe =)

anisalya said...

some spelling errors can be considered as okay. nobody's perfect.kdg2 sy sj2 buat grammatical errors.harharhar..

i like ur sy ni x pandai nak draw walaupun teringin nak draw sumthing as simple as that.huhuhu...

PeiPei said...

anisalya, u should try. try and error la =)

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